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  • Jan Świdziński works and documentation

    Jan Świdziński works and documentation

  • Jan Świdziński. Private archive.

    Jan Świdziński. Private archive.

Jan Świdziński

Jan Świdziński (1923 - 2014). During the Second World War he studied architecture. In 1947 he began his studies at newly opened Higher School of Arts and Design (today the Academy of Fine Arts) in Warsaw. In the 1950s, apart from working with painting, he was cooperating with the magazine “Razem”. He also started to work with Art Institute in Warsaw. During the years of 1965 – 1970 he turned to formal logic and established the Art and Design Section at the Cybernetics Society. At the beginning of 1970s he began engaging in various artistic interventions and working with several groups: Net, Pefarmo, Film Form Workshop. He was a cofounder of Mała Gallery and became a board member of Współczesna Gallery, Remont Gallery and Zero Gallery (all based in Warsaw), Contemporary Art Gallery (Wrocław) and Pole Gry Gallery (Bolesławiec). In 1970 he wrote Dispute over the Existence of Art. In August 1976 he published The manifesto art as contextual art at Sweden’s Lund University. In August 1977 Świdziński organized international conference Art Activity in the Context of Reality. Since then he organized, co-organized and participated in many conferences, meetings and festival in Poland and abroad (including Interakcje Performance Art Festival in Piotrków Trybunalski since 1998). Source: