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  • Krzysztof P. Wojciechowski photography

    Krzysztof P. Wojciechowski photography

Krzysztof P. Wojciechowski

Krzysztof P. Wojciechowski (b. 1947) deals with photography, video, curator, writer. He studied Physics at the University of Warsaw. Photographs from the late 60.. Since 1968 he collaborated with Andrzej Jórczak. From 1968 he was a member of Warsaw Photographic Society. The first exhibition "Our Purebred Dog Show" took place in the WTF (1969) and Presentations Gallery in Toruń (1970). Since 1970 Wojciechowski worked with Henryk Gajewski and Andrzej Jórczak as Remont Gallery and the artistic community centered around the gallery. He also collaborated with Znak Gallery in Białystok. Since 1975 he is a ZPAF member. In the second half of the 70s and 80s Wojciechowski made two big cycles "Children's Games" and "Passerby" (documentation of political graffiti). Since the early 90s he worked in Mala Gallery CCA. His work developed in two directions - metaphorical ("Parabolae" "Musica Muta") and parajournalistic (" Tales of the Levant "," Colors of struggle ")