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    Tomasz Konart - works

Tomasz Konart

He studied at Film School at Lodz from 1975 until 1980. In 1999 he started a New Media course at Ryerson University in Toronto. In the 70’s he was one of the co-founders of Zespół T – a group founded in Film School in Lodz. He works with experimental movies. He is one of the few polish artists that operates within net-art. He lives and works in Toronto and Berlin.

Author's description of the archive: A catalogue of my works includes several titles, which gather a lot individual elements. There are scanned photographic negatives and photographs of performances and objects, which were documented for over 10 years starting from the mid 70s. Even though every element is dated, dating has not been neither easy nor that important. Every negative can offer many different blow-ups and every work presented in the archives was created in different circumstances. Every project had separate and individual meaning and at the moment almost every single one faded. Some of them disappeared naturally – like drawing in the gallery or on the pavement. Almost every photographic blow-up was intentionally destroyed in order to help with another incarnation. The only things left are negatives, sketches, and brochures. They function as both – a documentation and personal experiment with a sketching tool or a camera. After the First World War there was an extensive need for prosthesis.

(…) Photographic technologies at the end of the 60s were considered as a possibility of broadening our perception. Media analysis became a popular method in academic research. During that time I started working on my projects. I was very excited and amused that every time I took a photograph I became part of important cultural changes. I suppose that not having this ideological base I would find using a camera unsatisfying.