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Ryszard Waśko

Ryszard Waśko (born in 1947 in Nysa) Works with photography, film, video, drawing, painting, sculpture, installations and performance. He is a curator and initiator in the art community. He studied at the Film School in Łódź. He is a member of the Film Form Workshop founded in 1970. He organised a series of international exhibitions in Łódź “ The Construction In Progress” (first time in 1981) In the years 1981-89 he lived in West Germany. He participated in the DAAD scholarship in Berlin (1985). At the beginning of the 90’s he founded the Museum of Artists in Łódź, New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Paris, Cardiff, Melbourne in which he was the curator of over 100 exhibitions. In 1990-92 he was the art director of the famous P.S 1 (Now part of MoMA). In 1997-99 he was a candidate to be the president of the International Artists Group- IKG in Cologne. In 2004 Wasko was the organiser and curator of the international exhibition at Łódź Biennale. He took part in important international exhibitions such as: “Documenta 6” (Kassel 1977), “Pier and Ocean” in Venice (1998); “1,2,3 …avant-garde” Tate Modern, London (2008), A History of Polish Avant-Garde Film, MoMA , New York (2003). He won several awards , distinctions like the silver medal Gloria Artis.