Fundacja Arton


rok powstania:



film, pierwotny nośnik: 35 mm


depozyt: Fundacja Arton, prawa autorskie: Paweł Kwiek

słowa kluczowe:

face Paweł Kwiek film

Paweł Kwiek made two films under this title, both featuring Jacek Łomnicki, son of the prominent Polish actor Tadeusz Łomnicki. The plot of the first one was based on a huge close-up of Łomnicki’s face imitating Władysław Gomułka. The film was conceived as a satirical take on the propaganda language of Gomułka’s government and himself. After a screening at the Artistic School Students’ festival in Nowa Ruda, the film went missing, and Paweł Kwiek, student of the Film School in Łódź, received a fail-mark for the film complete with a mention: ‘student particularly not fit for the profession’. He had to repeat the exercise, which he did in a very similar way, with the only difference that Łomnicki’s face, featured again in the film, was significantly less expressive. Kwiek was awarded a positive grade and continued working on the film. He made ca 200 photographic film still prints. Then, during an artistic plein air in Zakopane on NYE 1971/1972, he scattered them around the town to investigate the ways in which visual information functions when introduced into the social circulation and context with no stakes to gain.