Fundacja Arton
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rok powstania:



Black and white photograph


18 x 13 cm

numer inw.:

popiel_2016_arton_491-495, popiel_2016_arton_503-504

Stanisław Fijałkowski

słowa kluczowe:

Synchron Dłusko Ludmiła Popiel Jerzy Fedorowicz

Stanisław Fijałkowski\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s photographic documentation of the action Synchron, in which Popiel and Fedorowicz combined spatial directions chosen by the participants of the activity into a single geometrical set. The work concentrates on the question of explorations of the place and its abstract image generated by the human mind

The artists described the course of the action in the catalogue Relartacje, Dłusko 1977:

Dłusko, 9th February 1977, 8 pm. 20:05 Participants are divided into three groups. 20:10 The groups gather in separate rooms. 20:15 Each group is given the same task. They should choose one of the many possible directions for a straight line that crosses their room. Painted red, a 120 cm wooden slat is adopted as the model of the straight line. Each group receives the same props. The initiators of the activity ask the group to explain the reasons behind their choices. 20:20 The session begins. 20:35 The groups inform the initiators about their decisions and provide justifications. 20:45 The chosen directions and the justifications are documented. Dłusko, 10th February 1977, noon. Second stage /in a nearby forest/ In a selected place and at a chosen point, the initiators create a crossing of the three directions selected by the participants and documented the previous night. The crossing relies on the same props /red wooden slats/ used previously by the groups. The result is presented to the participants.”